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Intensive Courses

Speed up towards your goals! We have intensive courses for all levels every month, christmas, easter and summer inclusive

Service for schools

English school line

Miss and Mister Language has been offering extracurricular activities to different schools (with our methodology and adapting it to the needs of each school). Lots of schools are the ones trusting us.

What do we offer to them?

  • Extracurricular projects to more than 50 schools in Catalonia.
  • Full management of the extracurricular services of the school.
  • Meetings with the families.
  • Regular monitoring from our pedagogical team.

Summer camp

Those schools willing to have at their centers a fully English high quality summer camp or willing to offer to their students an amazing summer stay in their communities, we cooperate with different holiday camps organizations.


  • Fully English high quality summer camps in their teaching school centers.
  • Specific chosen thematic topics during all the summer camp.
  • Coordinator and instructors crew with lots of experience and a high English level.
  • Water games, excursions, “gimcanes”, inflatable toys parties and lots of surprises!



Get in rolled with beneficiaries of aid under Tripartite Foundation studies.


We manage every bonuses procedure for your company English education.


We move to your company facilities to develop our teaching programs hired, as well


We offer to your company our school facilities to develop our teaching programs hired.


Languages: English, French, German.


Lots of other specific and customized language courses.


We totally adapt to your company needs.


Fully schedule flexibility.

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More info

Our school academies details


Carrer Josep Moragues, nº1
(93) 127 77 73


Carrer Camp de les moreres, nº 5-7
(93) 870 52 62

Granollers Centre

Carrer Joan Prim 91
(93) 827 58 13

Ametlla del Vallès

Centre Comercial Sant Jordi C-17 Km 27
(93) 625 20 62

Cerdanyola del vallès

C/Sant martí 82-84 entresol 3
(93) 188 27 72


C/Viladomat 124
(93) 452 85 14


Plaça d’Ernest Lluch, 1
638 007 626

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If you have any question or you want to have more information about our services, please, contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.